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About the Network

PC Mark Willis  - Group Chair

We are a constituted group, created by West Midlands Police and staffed by a mixture of police officers and police staff. We carry out our network roles voluntarily in our own time, and in addition to our day jobs.  We receive no taxpayer funding for our activities.

Welcome to the online home of the West Midlands Police LGBT Network!

Our goals are simple.

• We work to promote equality and respect in the workplace amongst our own employees;
• We exist to create and nurture trust and confidence in the police service amongst the LGBT communities we serve;
• We aim to improve relationships between the police and LGBT people and community groups;
• We encourage and participate in partnership working to achieve our goals.

Absolutely anyone can become a member of our network, as long as you support our goals and you have an interest in LGBT issues.

We are lucky to live in a free and democratic country, where equality is enshrined in law.  Discrimination still exists in all walks of life however, and we will work to tackle it, educate people and change attitudes.  We will also continue to build on the progress made over the past 14 years since the group was formed.

Feel free to explore our website. There’s lots of information available for practitioners, partner agencies, support groups and individuals.

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