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Armed forces finally start capturing monitoring data for new recruits
Date: Sunday 11th January 2015

The British armed forces are to finally begin monitoring the sexuality of new recruits, in order to help tackle homophobia.

As part of the monitoring process when joining the military, recruits will be asked to disclose their sexuality – though they can ‘prefer not to say’.

The move comes just 15 years after openly gay troops were accepted into the armed forces for the first time.

There are no records of the current number of gay troops serving in the army, which makes homophobia notoriously hard to track.

A spokesperson from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) told Pink News: “The MoD proudly encourages diversity at all levels.

“Service personnel are now encouraged to declare their sexual orientation.

“Although this is not mandatory, collecting this data will give us a better understanding of the composition of our armed forces and help ensure our policies and practices fully support our personnel.”

The British armed forces are widely viewed as a good few years behind every other British Institution, where monitoring of sexuality, ethnicity, disability and gender identity has been common place for many years.  Police forces in particular are good at capturing monitoring information for new recruits although there is sitll work to be done to capture monitoring data of those leaving organisations.
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