Help & Advice

Whether you work for West Midlands Police, or you’re an associate member, we can point you in the right direction. We don’t know all the answers, but we can find out for you!

First thing’s first, if you work for West Midlands Police and you need help or advice relating to an issue at work, or you need assistance with an investigation, please visit our intranet pages for further help. Alternatively, contact us.

If you are contacting us as a police officer for advice on a case, call 7861 6704 internally or email bw_lgbt. ([email protected]).  Do not send details of any cases externally without a .pnn or .gsx email address.

If you’re an associate member (a member who works for another organisation or a private individual), you might find the answer you are looking for in our forums, useful links page or by dropping us an email if you have a specific question.


Crime and the Police

It’s worth mentioning that the police are there to deal with crime, road traffic matters and anti-social behaviour. The police cannot give you legal advice about civil matters. A civil matter is generally any dispute which falls under the remit of the civil law and doesn’t constitute a criminal offence. An example of this is landlord/tenant disputes and custody disputes. What the police can and can’t do is strictly defined by acts of parliament.

If you have a problem or issue and you’re not sure if it’s something the police can help you with, visit ‘Ask the Police’.

If you need some help or you have questions about general crime, criminal law and your legal rights, the Direct Gov site is a really useful reference tool and has lots of help and advice.

Hate Crime

Wherever you live, you can report hate crime confidentially and even anonymously online at  Alternatively you can visit a third party reporting centre.  Your local force website will have details of local third party reporting centres where they are available.  A third party reporting centre is somewhere you can go to report hate crime without either calling the police or visiting a police station.  They can be doctors surgeries, pharmacies, community centres, churches and social landlords.

Your Rights At Work

If you have questions about your rights as an employee, and what to do if you’re having problems at work, click here.

Alternatively, if your problem at work relates to your sexuality, or you believe it relates to that, Stonewall has lots of information and resources relating to employment law and helpful advice for employees and employers alike.


Your Sexual Health

There are lots of online resources available relating to sexual health. If you live within the City of Birmingham (this includes the borough of Sutton Coldfield) you can access services offered by HGL, Healthy Gay Living, part of Heart of Birmingham NHS Trust.

If you live in Wolverhampton, a similar service exists operated by Terence Higgins Trust.

If you live in any of the boroughs of Sandwell, THT offer sexual health services on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.

THT also offer services every weekday in Coventry from their base there.

If you live outside of the West Midlands metropolitan area, refer to your local NHS Trust for details on LGBT health services.


Your Sexual Health and the Law

Got a question about the law around sexual health, HIV and oher STIs? THT have a really useful resource here.